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Eight Secrets of Top Performing Agents
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These agents have put the Eight Secrets to work in their agency. Read about how the Eight Secrets have brought them success  Start growing your business today!.

"Simply the best..."

"Seminar is simply the best I’ve been to in a 10-year insurance career. It is full of wonderfully simple concepts to bring your business to the next level, while giving customers the products and genuine service they appreciate and need. Bill’s story-filled presentation is one you will likely never forget."
Jeremy Kilpatrick, Agent

"Enrolled my entire team..."

"I enjoyed your seminar so much. I have enrolled my entire team in the program you will be presenting in Maryland next May. I have also recommended your seminar to a fellow agent in Charlotte."
Joyce Gladstone, Agent

"Having huge success..."

"I am having huge success with the “Your World” idea. This is really making an impact for me. I just closed an $840K mutual fund deal, with $600K more to come. Also can attribute an $8,900 LTC sale and an abundance of life sales as well. I stopped counting, but sold something like 10 to 15 umbrellas in a row in IFRs from this."
Jason Smith, Agent

"Your lessons are powerful..."

"I had a transfer come in today from Nebraska, super sweet older gentleman. I told him I would like to eventually see his current policy limits higher so he would be better protected. He said, “I don’t see myself ever needing those limits.” I followed with the Professor Story just like you taught us. He looked at me with a worried look on his face, and asked more about how the policy works.

After reviewing how raising his limits to 250/500/100 with the Renters and Liability umbrella discount was only about $30 more every 6 months, plus the cost of the umbrella, which was only $101 a year, he said, “Well, let’s take care of that today. Where can I pay?” He expressed to me how thankful he was that I showed him that policy, which he had never heard of, and told me he now understands how crazy the risk is out there. So, thank you again. Your lessons are very powerful."
Alyssa Weakley, Team Member

"...Changed how we talk with clients & prospects"

"During the first half of 2011, our team had closed only 8 Life policies by June and lost our edge in Auto. Then, my AFE brought Bill in to work with us. Since we adopted his ideas (4 months ago), we have 54 closed Life policies, lead our AFO in Raw New Auto and our Fall Life campaign. For us, Bill’s biggest difference-making ideas are his “Your World” discovery conversation, and positioning ourselves as Risk Managers versus just insurance quoters. These two concepts completely changed how we talk with our clients and prospects. More importantly, we have stepped up our level of professionalism and are serving our clients at a deeper level!"
John Shaffer, Agent

"...Answer to a prayer"

"This seminar was perfect for my office! My lead team member has struggled with sales her entire life. After the seminar, she came back to my office and said, ‘This is literally an answer to my prayers.’ She was ecstatic."
Kaye Nichols, Agent

"Energized my office"

“It was a pleasure to meet you! My staff and I have already started using your techniques in my office. Your IFR diagram helped me sell a life policy today! The opening conversations you recommend have energized my office."
Wendy Wise, Agent

"Looking at $30,000 bonus…"
Matt Cromer, Agent
Matt Cromer, Agent "Your program has been the foundation of my IFR and Financial Services program since the day I opened. As of the end of August, I have 42 of the 60 required life policies to travel plus $43,000 of the $48,000 require premium travel credits. The office has earned $12,000 in financial services commissions and we are looking at a $30,000 score card bonus. All of which are directly linked to your program."
Matt Cromer, Agent